Our main focus is to support creation and development of start-up companies with innovative technologies and methods in the field of geophysical and geological survey sources of oil, natural gas, water and other mineral resources and related interpretations. We are interested in further development and transfer of innovation from this area. Together with our partners, we also provide venture capital for start-ups in the incubator.
Our mission is to support the creation of new companies that will bring to market new and innovative services that will enhance the success of exploration and finding sources of hydrocarbon and water. In the next phase, we’ll support the exploration of other mineral resources.
Our team has a team of experts for development and application of innovative technologies and methods in the field of geophysical and geological survey of hydrocarbon exploration, water and other raw materials.
We believe that the future exploration of these resources is based on new geophysical and geological data, which will bring new technology and methods.
We are interested in the application of innovation from the Upstream Oil & Gas, finding sources of underground water and other raw materials:
  • Engineering geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Applied mineralogy and petrography
  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Geology
  • Technology survey, including applied geophysics and drilling
  • Gravimetry, magnetics and seismic
  • Software technology for the analysis and interpretation of geophysical and geological data
We focus on supporting and providing services to these types of innovative projects and companies in the areas mentioned above:
  • Projects of individuals and teams, projects developed by universities and other research organizations, which will be in case of successful evaluation converted into start-up / spin-off company
  • Start-ups and spin-offs arising from a positively evaluated projects
  • Companies with the age up to one year (prior to entering the incubator)
  • Well-established companies that want to cooperate with new firms to place their services to the market and their further development directly within the incubator.